Presence: When Does the Observer and the observed disappear.

Find your feeling of peace, loving kindness, knowing that, not only does that feel good, but it is an energetic attracting mechanism to be open and alive within this life. In this episode I explore a breakup and grief and show my own ego identification holding on strong before it releases to give up the story and then exploring existence within presence and thoughts and identification of self.

How to be interdependent and not co-dependent in motherhood, with writer/photographer Kara BlockThe Soul Mammas Podcast

    • Kids & Family

Today’s ocean mama is a multi faceted lover of all things creative, mother to a nine year old boy and published writer. Kara Block is a fellow surf mama who has that knowing glimmer in her eye, that proves her heart is forever tied to the water. After knowing her as a mutual friend for years, I am excited to speak to her many passions today. Her book : “the Cultivation of Life is the Practice” she speaks a lot of surrendering to what IS and how looking at our pain can lead to a type of rebirth.

Understanding Every Fiber of Your Being with Jaya

We begin the conversation of bringing you the keys to your own freedom. Here we study the approach to understanding your book of life, learning how to look within you, to see what is happening. How do we navigate this in a fast food society? How do we reside in inquiry and quiet, with so much movement?

The Inclusion Hub’s very own Kara Ann Ray was recently featured

In this interview on the Spiritual Twenties Podcast with Paige Oxley, Kara dives into cultivating your inner compass, unfolding the magic we each have and tapping into your own truth!

Kara also talks about the rise of the feminine and how our school system and competitive culture is failing us.

This is a deep and inspirational podcast, take a listen!