Social Therapy & Aliveness Advising

Internal Interdependence

Being human is about being life long learners of ourselves and the world around us. Today, most people are confused about their identity (Who am I?; personally, professionally, personality, gender, sexuality, etc), and their purpose and place in the world. The process of being who we are, takes exploration and is the reason we are living. I specialize in helping people have a healthy mind around who they are. The Practice helps them to discover who they are and learn how to feel safe in who they are. My practice of Interdependent Agreements (IA’s) help people relate to themselves, their friends, families, colleges and to society in a more balanced and acclimated way. IA’s are a co-created agreement between two people or a group, that establishing clear boundaries, expectations, good communication, clear direction, walking all parties into success, while navigating the unknown. The outcome is all feel loved, heard, respected, understood and seen in their similarities and differences.

Embody + Power & Learning You

Community Groups for our young people.

The community teaches y(our) young people to know, learn, understand, and be themselves.  Our focus, learning to have, feel, and cope with big emotions and big feelings.  The community includes weekly group sessions, one on one support, journal prompts and integration practices. 

Knowing You

Community groups for adults.

This community teaches us to become lifelong learners of the world around us and of ourselves. Our focus, learning to grow in self awareness and learning to feel safe with big emotions and feelings. The community includes weekly group sessions, one on one support, journal prompts and integration practices.

Theta Sessions

A long established practice, Theta is the acceleration of energy work, the human conditions and psychology. ThetaHealing is a mind/body technique that uses the energy that flows through all things to produce instantaneous and permanent change at the cellular level. This results in physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation.  By using muscle testing, we identify what  belief structure are not serving you or are causing difficulty in your life and we remove them and replace them with structures that serve your life and well-being.

Finding Inner Peace, The Practice

The Practice is the art of being alive, the art of natural systems, the art of awakening, the art of life force, the art of creation, the art of learning, the art of relating, the art of emotional safety, the art of building community, the art of life, the art of oneness, the art of connection, the art of truth & the art of love.