Hi There!

In this amazing and busy world, Thank You for taking the time to get to know a little about me, my work and my personal/professional merging I like to call being fully alive.  I have spent most of my life with a great hunger for life itself, looking deep into who I am and the big questions of why we are here. I was born in Los Angeles, California. At age 5, my mom took my brother and I to France, Italy, Switzerland and Israel for three months.  My dolls were all indigenous, native brown and black, with handcrafted outfits, beaded with the history of culture. I experienced a very full childhood, understanding the workings of two worlds as I traveled back and forth between my mothers’ and fathers’ homes. The ideas of dichotomy and polarity began to form my foundation of exploration.  This polarity of things enhances the understanding of life’s pendulums and everything in between, it is the outside circle of the ying/yang. Ultimately, through that separation of family, love and self, I have walked into the wholeness and connection I am in each present moment. I became a lover of insight, wisdom, truth, understanding, compassion and travel.

Through my high school years, I learned to be in a system, to serve in a system and enjoyed myself and my neighbor. I became Student Body President, learning much about accomplishing tasks and goals while collaborating with a group of people. I was a Varsity athlete my entire high school experience. I attended University of Wisconsin, Madison. There, I fell in love with nature, learning, information gathering and sharing. Watching the seasons change and watching how people were affected by seasons and weather fascinated me. It still does. I studied Sociology and Communication and graduated with a BA in Communication, but my heart lies in Sociology, Anthroposophy and Visual Communication.  I wanted to get a Masters in Climate and Sociology.

I fell in love with photography as a way to capture, in its most natural and raw form, the unseen. My camera started to travel with me and I began my relationship with my new best friend, my film Nikon60. I began thinking about point of view.  My desire to explain humanity’s biggest questions, found a home in a mature still image, the rawness and natural world of the unseen became learning the absolute, the essence of existence and creation itself. The is the heart and soul of my gallery art work, my movement surreal realism.

By the time I was 22, I had been to over 30 countries.  Not willing to conform or slow down in my exploration of self and the globe, I landed in Maui, Lake Tahoe, New York, Thailand, Connecticut, the North Shore of Oahu, and San Diego, learning yoga, nutrition, quantum physics, lunar cycles, tides, swells, weather, mountains, valleys, growing seasons, gardening, and countless personal, interpersonal, national and international perspectives on life, liberty, politics, justice, economics, finance, culture and love. I began teaching and counseling high school students.  I worked as a community organizer to better the experience for countless groups and individuals.

I received a Master of Fine Arts from the Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara,  in Visual Communication and Photography.  I lived in Santa Barbara for 5 years and moved to the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley for 5 years.  During this time I explored my knowledge of art and contemplated its impact on society, and I became educated about sustainability, permaculture and organic health. My MFA pushed me to view the world through a refined visual eye, that is my work, it is my photography, my advertising, my branding, my vision, my able to heal others, my theta practitioning, and the way I energy guardian everything I see, experience and touch. I view the world through photography.  I theorize the world through photographic analogies;  Perspective, Point of View, Lens Change, Exposure, Over-exposure, Underexposure, Focus, etc.  I create images, internal libraries of digital image content, media design, advertising, web development, visual content management and business.  The unique and purposeful collection of storytelling imagery shows what is important within the life of the business and the business’s impact on our world.

I started a family on an organic farm 6 miles from some of the most pristine coastline in California, the Gaviota Coast.  I learned about health and patience, surrender, health care, homeopathy, efficiency, strength, empowerment, discipline, products and services.  I am always continuing to work on myself and be the best woman, lover, mother, parent, friend, photographer, entrepreneur, business-women and human that I can.  I have an amazing group of talented, productive and innovative friends and colleges. Last year I became a best selling, published author in a book about conscious parenting. I moved to Silicon Valley for 3 years.  I was amazed by the organic nature of innovation and influence that Silicon Valley has on business, technology and the world. I spent time focusing on my craft and exploring the business, technology and venture capital world of the Bay Area.  I really began to understand innovation, vision, focus, determination and connection being in the vibrancy and the international community of Silicon Valley.  I also work with businesses to harness connected human development in the work place. I explain the creative process. I describe and implement business systems that value human beings and I help each business redefine human resources increasing business productivity, revenue and overall internal and external human development. Using all my gained knowledge, I returned to Santa Barbara to focus on wholeness within and helping guide others to wholeness and the creative process of innovation and change making.

Over the past 5 years I have spent part time in Switzerland, growing and expanding my love and professional life. I helped build an innovative think tank working in community energy near Bern, and started a non profit foundation integrating people with disabilities. I am a creative influencer and by that I mean, I can see the multi-disciplinary intersections of interconnection and can explain them, point them out, share them, organize them, manage them and implement branding and strategy around them. The goal always being how we find the avenue to let all humans find themselves and their creativity within that, while meeting business goals and objectives.

I support businesses and people, using my vision, to get closer to truth, goodness, wholeness and connection.  It is a joy for me to understand the human condition deeply and enhance connection, consciousness and collaboration in a way that asks for the best and highest for all involved.  In that, I have the support systems in place, a platform called The Great Inclusion, set up to help people when life demands change, growth, and newness. It is a place to empower and support others to empower and support others.

If you have read this far, I thank you and I look forward to meeting you and finding the areas where my skill set can best support you and your mission.